Main window has re-sized itself


I cannot figure out how to fix this.

I am not able to manually pull the inner window to re-size it and have no idea how this happened in the first place. Quitting and restarting did not work.

Please help.


Try renaming the C:\Users\gubinas\.atom folder to something different and then reopen Atom.


Do you mean moving Atom to a different folder? the C:\Users\gubinas.atom is just the application itself on the desktop.


I don’t mean that. That folder is not the application, or it shouldn’t be. The application should live in C:\Users\gubinas\AppData\Local\atom\, and if you used the installer from the web site, it does. The .atom\ folder is supposed to be all configurations and stored data, and if you change its name Atom will make a new one with factory settings.


And it worked!
I see what you are saying now and I thank you. Was on the verge of performing regrettable acts on my computer in frustration.
You are officially my hero.

Thanks so much!


Yeah, sometimes Atom stores bad information about how wide part of the window should be, and the easiest way to change that back is to get rid of the state information, through atom --clear-window-state from the command line or removing the .atom\ folder. I had you rename it because that’s an action that can be undone. You can easily swap back to your own settings and packages by changing its name back (Windows Explorer won’t let you start a name with a ., but you can do it from inside Atom if you open your user folder as a project folder). Then run atom --clear-window-state, which will wipe all saved state information including screen position and unsaved files.