macOS Translocation of atom


I have a following problem.
My atom installation is in /Applications directory. I’m using Little Snitch Firewall software which is asking me for rules setup each time I’m running atom. It seems like for operating system it is new application each time I’m running it.
I did deep digging in my log files and found following problem:

“The application is running in App Translocation, a macOS security mechanism for apps that are not properly installed. You cannot create permanent rules until you move the application to the Applications folder.”

I have no idea what to do in next steps. Help needed.



Could you post screenshots of Atom as it exists in /Applications?


Here you are!



Darn. That looks right to me, and I’m just as confused as you. I’m not an expert on translocation by any means, but from what I understand about it, it shouldn’t affect your Atom as far as I can tell.

I searched a bit and found an apparently unrelated – but interesting – GitHub issue. The bit that caught my eye:

This applies until the user moves the app to any other location (not just the Applications folder), after which the OS will just run the app normally. However, the move is only recognized if performed using the Finder. If you move the app another way, e.g. using “mv” in the Terminal, the app will continue to be translocated when run, even if it’s in /Applications.

Maybe you could try moving out of /Applications, then back in.


This apparently unrelated comment was the key here!
I downloaded again, unpacked and moved (by replacing existing one) to /Applications folder. Now everything is fine!
Usually, I’m using ForkLift as file manager.
It seems like Finder has some super power to sing app inside /Applications folder.

Thank you!


No problem. :slight_smile: