macOS 11 or later required using tkinter

I have a problem where if I want to run a script on atom involving the library tkinter I get a message saying macOS 11 or later required!. My system is running macOS 11.1 so I don’t see the problem. I cannot find a solution to this anywhere. I have tried to disable all of my packages then run my script and that message still comes up. I use python with atom btw. Can anybody assist me thanks!

Solution found! The problem was not a text editor but the version of python. I have downloaded a more stable version of python for macOS 11.1 on apple silicon, now it works. Hopefully this helps others

yo which python did you download?


I downloaded the pre released version and it works fine so far with my MacBook m1. The link is here Python Release Python 3.10.0a4 | Hope this helps.