Macfusion with Atom - I think Atom just deleted all my work


So I foolishly didn’t commit my work before leaving the office yesterday. I use Macfusion to link to servers via SSH, and unmounted them before I left yesterday, but left Atom open. When I came back, I remounted the drives ready to go back to work. However, when I checked Git I saw that all the files I have open in Atom were now blank. I have autosave enabled, and I can only assume that what happened was that when I was disconnected from the servers, Atom saw they were empty, and saved them as such as soon as I reconnected.

Does this sound feasible? My work was definitely deleted and Atom is the only part of my setup that I can see causing it. I’ve kissed my work goodbye, but Is this something that would be possible to patch in the future?


It is possible that things happened the way you describe. I formerly used Atom extensively with Macfusion in what sounds like a equivalent setup and never experienced this … though I didn’t and don’t have autosave enabled.


It’s probably too late, but is it maybe the case that doing an undo (⌘+z) restores the file to its pre-blank state?

Similar to how I could do a git pull changing a bunch of files I have open, and then using undo restores them to how I had them before that pull?


Interesting. I did try and undo, but to no avail, but it wasn’t the first thing I tried. It took me a little while to work out what exactly had happened


I’ve brought this to the attention of the development team and we’re working through strategies to make the new file recovery feature introduced in v1.9 handle this situation as well. We take all reports of data loss very seriously. Let me know if you have any more information you can share with the team!

Thanks very much for sharing your experience and helping us make Atom better.


Thanks a lot! In the mean time I’ve just turned off autosaves, if I experience any more issues I’ll let you know