Mac seems to remove atom on its own?


I’ve been using Atom on and off for two months now and (newbie so hoping for a setting problem -user error-).

I install Atom, use it, and then a week or two weeks later I go to open Atom and its no longer on my system…

Did I install wrong?


How did you install Atom? Did you follow these instructions exactly?

And when you say Atom is no longer on your system, can you clarify how you’re verifying that? Is Atom not in your Applications/ directory anymore?


So its been awhile. Please excuse the delay. I did find the solution:

Actually drag the app icon into the application folder. Otherwise when you go and empty your downloads folder you will of course, delete the app.

If you open the download and double click the application it will load and it will -work. Defining work as when you use the spotlight keyboard shortcut to type in an app name (and how I navigate to everything), it will show up and will work. But it will be working out of the downloads folder…

Yeah gotta say I feel pretty dumb, but simple mistake and I suppose the easy fix is one we should appreciate.