Mac client suddenly stopped working



I am opening Atom on my Mac but, whilst the application opens, no windows open and the only menu option is “Atom” > “Quit”.

What do I need to do to reset/get this working?



Should I uninstall Atom (ie using instructions at How to Completely Uninstall Atom for Mac?)?


Does this problem persist when you start Atom with atom --safe? Does it persist when you start Atom with atom --clear-window-state?


Neither work:

-bash: command not found
-bash: atom: command not found

I’ve never started Atom from the Mac Terminal command line. Maybe I’ve never set that up.


Yes, you should do that. You can also use the full path to the Atom executable for the latest version.


You mean delete Atom, or set up Terminal loading? (Can’t do the latter as, well, I can’t open Atom).


Just use the complete path to the Atom executable, wherever it is on your hard drive. It won’t be hard to find. You can also try to uninstall and reinstall Atom, but that doesn’t give us much information about the problem if it succeeds.


The problem (my fault) was not using the Mac Terminal command “open” to open it.
While, “open”, executed in the Applications folder, opens Atom, the command line won’t accept returns “unrecognized option–safe’`” and doesn’t accept either of the switches.


Because --safe isn’t a switch of open, it’s a switch of atom. But a .app file isn’t an executable. It’s just a package. The executable is probably inside it. You should go inside and check. Or reinstall Atom.


I’ve seen what you report happen when people don’t install Atom into the /Applications folder. Do you still have it in the Downloads folder? You may want to try moving it to the /Applications folder if you haven’t done so already.


According to the context right-click menu on files, I do have both 1.9.1 and 1.9.9.
But there’s none in Downloads, only one in Applications.