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I’m fairly inept at JavaScript (JS) and CoffeeScript (CS) but there’s one language I see that has a language server protocol (LSP) yet isn’t implemented as a Atom IDE package: Lua. Its LSP GitHub repo is here. Is anyone interested in implementing it? I’m interested in installing Atom IDE and using it but Lua is the main language I’m programming in at the moment and linter (required by linter-lua) conflicts with Atom IDE diagnostics (which as I understand is part of atom-ide-ui).

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Hi Brenton,

Not much to make Lua work in the IDE environment in a quick way.

If you wish to play around with the IDE functionality without touching your current install - consider making a (2nd) portable install. You could even have a beta version and be on the edge of the current development.

- Dan



Portable install as in? I already had installed atom-editor-beta-bin alongside atom on Arch Linux but they both use the same config folder ~/.atom.



The two can run without interfering with each other.
I am only familiar with my install on Windows 7, but…
should be able to give hints.

Have a look at the “portable mode” heading.



Thanks gives me a workaround until someone decides to develop such a package.



Thank you for your reply… glad it helps a little.

You are welcome to join the development team to make such a project happen,
or become a donating patron to this open source project.



Just gave it a go. In ~/Programs/.atom I had my configs and in ~/Programs/atom-beta-1.22.0-beta1-amd64 I had my Atom binary (i.e. ~/Programs/atom-beta-1.22.0-beta1-amd64/atom was my binary from which I executed Atom). I removed the linter packages from that installation and then I opened my system installation of Atom (which is meant to use ~/.atom as its configs) and found that in it the linter packages had been deleted, so it seems like even though I followed their file system considerations the portable installation still used my user configs.



That is frustrating!!
Sorry to hear that, I wish I could help you with your current problem.

I had issues getting a portable version up and running in Windows.
This does not help you… but it is all I have to offer:
Atom portable version

The directory structure was especially menacing - especially the . in .atom.



Found a way around it I ran ATOM_HOME=$HOME/Programs/.atom ./atom from the $HOME/Programs/atom-beta-1.22.0-beta1-amd64 directory. Thanks.

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