Lua auto ident issue



I’ve just downloaded Atom and I love it! Though I used to work with Kate (KWrite) before so having a reliable auto-idention is very important to me. In Atom, my Lua text gets somehow broken + lines don’t ident properly after “return” clauses (even if it’s an “end” which closes “if” statement).

Example of the idention (how Atom shows it to me):

Same file opened in Kate:

Is there any way to fix it? It bothers me a lot. Thanks in advance!


Which package do you have installed to support the Lua language?
Is it this one?

If so, you should open an issue on that package’s Gitbub repo, to report the problem.
Hopefully the maintainer of that package will be able to provide a fix.


Is it the plugin which provides the idention for Lua? Because from what I know it adds only highlighting and suggestions.


@leedohm might be able to correct me, but as far as I know the language package (and the lua one isn’t bundled with Atom yet) is what controls syntax highlighting but also indentation logic, because both uses similar syntax regex logic for each language.


@batjko is correct. The language package gives rules for how indentation works too. You should open an Issue on the language package with as much information as possible on how to reproduce the issue.