Lower/Raise HTML Tag Case


BBEdit has a nice utility to raise or lower HTML tag case for an entire file. I’ve searched, but I haven’t yet found a similar package for Atom. Does anyone know if one exists and if so can you please provide a link? I have inherited a lot of old webpages where everything is in uppercase and would like to quickly convert them to lowercase. I can of course use BBEdit, but would prefer to just stay in one editor if possible. Thanks.


I know that HTML Tidy does that, have you tried any of the packages?



Thanks for the info. I’ve never really had the need to use HTML Tidy before so didn’t even think of it. I’ll look at some of those and see if I can find something. Trying to instal the tidy-html5 package you posted fails from within the Atom.


Whoops, it should work now!


Yes, it installs fine now. I’ll have to dig through all the options since this does a lot more than I need/want, but this is the closest I’ve seen to what I am looking for. Thanks!


I have written this package after stumbling across your post, it seemed like an easy thing to do. It converts uppercase tags to lowercase out-of-the-box. Only later I’ve added the options for other users, but marked them experimental, since I haven’t found a working configuration when using them.