Lower OS level API calls


Is there a way to call OS level APIs? I’m interested in both Windows and Mac OS X.
I need for example to manage desktop windows, processes etc.
If there is no support I would code one because I will need it anyway. I’ll however be happy to save myself the hustle.



I think you can use Node.JS to bridge javascript to native code (like c). Then that native code can do pretty much anything.

Depending of wich API you need their migth already be a node.js package that does it.


I’ve spent hours browsing NPM packages but nothing seems to do the job to completely translate JS calls to OS level API calls. Obviously I will run to my second option to code it myself because I need wide variety of functionality.
Will start with MASM32 for Windows in order to keep it as low level as possible and Objective-C on Mac OS X.

Thank you for your response.


There are two ways to access native APIs, node-ffi and native Node modules/addons.