Love2D setup

I have just installed Atom on my 64 bit Linux Mint machine and would like to use it to code programs for Love2D.

I have installed “love-ide” to assist with coding. One of the “features” is “Run Icon in Toolbar”. The Toolbar appears empty until I move the mouse to the start of the toolbar. The Icon’s position is revealed (along with the mouse message, “Run Love App”) but the Icon image does not appear.

The other problem: When “Run Love App” is selected, I get the following message,“none of the project directories have a main.lua”

I have the main.lua file displayed in Atom but it fails to “see” it? I am obviously doing something wrong. As I am new to Atom, I am going to assume that I have not setup the project at all or correctly… I will research some more… This part of the problem is probably of my own making, but the “missing” icon may not.

I would appreciate all the assistance that you could provide. Much appreciated.



The “other” problem was solved, for me, by loading the ‘Folder’ instead of just the ‘main.lua’ file.

With the folder loaded, and although the “Run Love App” icon image is not visible, the execution of the game ran without a hitch.


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I do observe that the tool-bar package is mentioned here:
It is possible that some icon file is missing or path no configured.
Have this in mind when working with the maintainer of the package to find your solution.

Please let me know your end result.
Good luck.