Lost whole file becuase I forgot to put usb stick in


My usb stick had my whole project on.
I opened atom without it in and the recently opened files opened up blank.
So I put the usb stick in again which left the files blank.
I clicked the close button and up popped a dilaog with save/don’t save. While trying to get to the do not save button I missed and clicked save. This lost the whole file (main.py 200-300 lines of code).

Is there any way I can recover this.
Undo does not work.


If you save a blank file over another file and you don’t have the content in your application’s memory, there’s nothing you can do.


If you are on Windows you could try to recover a previous version.


I forgot to back it up on windows. (It had no previous versions when I
checked afterward) I rewrote it about 10min so I’m happy.