Lost Project History

I appreciate this may be dumb but I cannot find a solution to this problem in other posts. I’m working on Windows. For a couple of days, I was writing a python script that I have since saved multiple times, but I don’t remember the exact location where I have saved it (possibly in the local files). After opening Atom today, I have noticed, that Atom is unable to locate the file, or any of the multiple projects I had opened at the time. The entire project history is cleared, and there are no files in the .atom directory that I have previously saved there. Is there a way to recover them? Or even check if a copy of the file was saved elsewhere?

Also, I tried using the search bar and just typing ext:.py to locate the file. This, for some reason, does not locate the file too. I tried to save a small file with .py extension using Atom to test if it can find this file, but nothing was located. Is there an alternative approach to check if the file is somewhere on my disc?

Thanks a lot for helping me with that,