Lost Menu Bar

Lost my command line (file, edit, etc.) and can’t figure out how to restore it.

FYI it’s called the “menu bar”. The command line is a very different thing, and mixing up the names will cause confusion. I’ve edited the title to fix this.

Unless you’ve disabled it through Atom, I think it is your OS that handles it’s visibility. Pressing alt is normally the default shortcut on Linux, and may work on Windows.

Thank you. I tried every key but the alt key. Thanks again.

Alt works for me, but just once… Any time I click on a file or folder in the Atom editor, the menu bar disappears again…

Any ideas?

Use the ALT key to get the menu bar to appear. Then click VIEW and click TOGGLE MENU BAR in the drop down menu and the menu will remain at the top of the menu.

At times Alt key is blocked.
Such a case one can try Alt + V to bring up the VIEW menu directly.

Pressing only the Alt key can be blocked intentionally
by putting the following in the keymap.cson file.

  '^alt': 'abort!'

Alternative is toggling the view from the command-pallet
(Windows / Linux: Ctrl + Shift + P)

I used the alt to toggle the menu bar but I don’t know what happend but now it isn’t working, tried using the command palette even that is not working