Lost Atom project

I am new to programming.I was working on a project since last 1 week.My atom project is lost,it is not showing.how can I access it again.

Projects are nothing but folders. Did you search your drive for it?

Hi there,
Python files are saved on my desktop,but atom is not reading it.atom opens blank files.

Looks like atom page, which was reading and showing my files and folders is gone and new atom page which is blank and does not read files which it was reading earlier.

Kindly suggest how this new installed page can show and read files,which earlier atom installed page was reading.

I was curious and was opening and seeing the packages on earlier Atom page,when suddenly it vanished from my computer.

I downloaded and installed again but new atom is not reading earlier files,i am not able to see and work on them.

Thanks in advance,


Have you cross-checked another editor, whether these files are blank? Just to rule out a display error in Atom?

There are several other threads on this forum that deal with the same issue. Unfortunately, it still seems to happen a lot that Atom loses the content of files. It’s unclear to me, that after years of these issues being reported, there’s still no fix for this.