Lost activation of project when changed to 121


A project that I have been developing is not being activated since I loaded 121. It worked fine immediately before. It shows up in my packages list and is enabled as always.

It is supposed to be activated at boot because I have "activationEvents": [] in the package.json file. I can’t put in any breakpoints because my file is not loaded.

All my other packages seem to work. Could this be due to my package not being installed via apm? I’ve never understood how packages that are being developed instead of installed by apm end up in the list.

P.S. I went to a lot of trouble to make it not activate until needed and not even do the requires but something came up and I had to change it. Sorry.


If it’s a compatibility issue you should see it in the incompatible-packages view. You can open by clicking on the little bug in the status bar (if you have incompatible packages, that is):

This will open this view:

It really seems like a compatibility issue, as Atom checks the package.json of a package before loading it.

Packages you develop, while generated in your ~/github directory, are symlinked in ~/.atom/packages where all your packages are installed.


Thanks. You were correct. And it was one of the self-register messages you showed in your example.

What is odd is that I had removed all references to that module. When I deleted it from node_modules the problem went away.

Was is this self-register thing?

Another question. How does atom know to put the symlink into the atom packages folder? I don’t remember telling it I was developing a package.


When you use the package generator it makes the package in your default git repo (in settings)

It then apm links it. I think

Make sure to check

apm links

also you should stick to using like

apm unlink

After publishing. You can do like:

apm develop <package>

and then use atom -d
Which will use your new apm develop’d one instead of the installed one.


Also, what happens when you run the basic spec tests. Do you get yellow messages about deprecated method calls? Actually you might have to do this on an older version, if you can’t get it to load…