Loss of project folder list after uninstall and re-install


After uninstalling Atom and reinstalling it after loss of variable syntax highlighting on my mac, the list of folders and files under the heading “Project” is gone. Is there a way to retrieve that list? Thanks.


Did you have more than 1 project open? If you check the File > Reopen Project menu item, are the project folders you had opened listed there? If so, you can reopen them from there.

Otherwise if you open another folder again directly, the project and all its files and subfolders will be opened again.

Let me know if I misunderstood what you were asking :v:


That worked. Thank you so very much. I’m a raw beginner.


Sorry to bother again but my variables don’t seem to syntax highlight. Is something wrong with my uninstall and re-install? Simple things like x = 5; print(x) in Atom does give the result of 5 in the terminal. Thanks again.


Please post a screenshot of your Atom window.

Is something wrong with my uninstall and re-install?

Probably yes, since it was probably unnecessary. You reinstalled Atom to deal with an issue that usually just happens when people haven’t saved files with the proper extensions. I would recommend asking for help before taking drastic action like that.


The variables don’t syntax highlight.
By proper extensions, do you mean the packages and themes in Atom? Do some packages interfere with saving?
Thanks so much.



Which one do you prefer?

Atom shown in (1) is seen with the default in-core grammar.
I would recommend the package MagicPython - colouring will be the same as seen in (2).

We can modify the “default” white colour, if that bothers you.



It seems that the variables that don’t highlight are also not recognized.
In this screenshot, the terminal does not print out all the numbers it should have between line 1 and the final line on this simple program.
Thanks so very much. I do like #1 but worry I have problems with recognition of the variables at times.


The colour of the code has nothing to do with the execution of the code. The code colouring can be a good indicator if the coding is valid. But sometimes the mechanism that identifies the grammar class names do not keep in pace with the complexity of the code.

What are you trying to prove with the two code segments you showed us? Do you have an example where colouring and execution is linked with each other?

For cases relating to Python, you would be best serviced with a community that specializes with that. This forum can help best when it comes to themes relating to getting text editing done.

What are your thoughts?


Sorry. I skipped a line. Sorry to waste your time.


THAT is not a concern; you’ll know if it is, as you’ll be told so.

Me and the guys are passionate to see the people in our community get the help they need. But the help you need is not always within this forum. The best result comes forth if the helpers that are blind to your problem is given eyes to see the full scope of your problem.

Good luck with your studies.


I mean file extensions. Most people who have highlighting issues haven’t saved their files with extensions.

The variables don’t syntax highlight.

Variables in Python do not follow any pattern (like the ones in PHP do), so Atom is unable to reliably identify variables for most languages. Atom currently uses regex-based grammars for highlighting and has no ability to understand your code. However, there’s work ongoing to enable things like tree-sitter highlighting and LSP diagnostics. These projects may lead to Atom being able to identify variables (because the interpreter tells Atom about them).