Looking to Hire an Electron Tutor for $$


Is anyone interested in being hired as a tutor to help teach me Electron programming? I am willing to pay per hour or however you would prefer to be compensated. If so, please contact me at sgm@smsitgroup.com so we can discuss. I would like to start as soon as I find someone.

I am a beginner so you will have to start from step 1 and be patient but I do catch on quickly as I have been in IT all my life and have done some very complex stuff.




Any potential tutor is going to want to know how much experience you have with JavaScript and Node.JS.


None - Zero. I have no experience with either JavaScript or Node.JS. I learned a little Python and spent a couple weeks on it until I realized this is a better route if I can find a way to learn it. When I 1st got into IT, I used to program basic and C so I understand the concepts and have done it before but don’t claim to remember much. I have an MBA and am very good with math and math concepts as well so I will catch on quickly.

I just need someone to guide me and show me the syntax and teach me the language. I will put the effort in to learn it and do sample programs, etc. With Python, I can buy a book or follow an online class but I haven’t been able to find such a resource with this.

Plus, I am very busy and would prefer to have another person teach me and work with me for time and quality of learning. I find that I do much better working with someone else. So if anyone wants to start from the beginning with me, let me know. Again, I learn very fast.


Electron is a way to reuse knowledge of the web stack (js, html, css) to create desktop application. If you start from zero knowledge. I feel learning web stack (separate from electron) is probably a good starting point. Then programing in modules and importing them. Maybe learn es6. Learn a framework such as react, angular or vuejs. Then nodejs api as needed (having a sample project in mind would help a lot), and then learning electron make sens.