Looking to hire an Atom dev for SSH Client package creation

I am a part of a small team that uses Atom daily. We have a need for a package that can connect remotely via SSH and allow us to run commands as needed from directly inside Atom. Unfortunately such a package isn’t available yet so we’re reaching out to the Atom community to see if anyone would be interested in taking this job on.

We are currently looking for a developer who is fluent with hacking around inside of Atom editor and would like to create the SSH Client Terminal package for us. While we will be paying for the development, the package will be released publicly to the community from Atom.io’s package library so please keep that in mind.

Please note that the following requests are intended for a developer who has previously or currently used the “ftp-remote-edit” package and as well understands general terminal usage.

This package will be somewhat similar to ftp-remote-edit in which we can edit servers to add ip:port username/password combos and have them associated with folders for organization and as well they would all be displayed in a new tab of the tree view just like ftp-remote-edit does. Using ftp-remote-edit as the base will accomplish a lot of functionality without having to rewrite it from scratch including the encryption of sensitive information stored.

Upon double left-click to a server hovered over in the tree view, the system should open a new tab in the editor which is a terminal to that server and login using the username/password combo entered in edit servers. We should be able to write commands to the destination server and receive the responses back from that server directly in the tab. The terminal should be compatible with commands such as htop or vim. If the tab is closed, the ssh connection should be disconnected. If a server is clicked after a tab is already open and connected, no action should occur.

This package should not require additional 3rd party software to be installed on the host and simply operate solely from inside Atom.

The above basic functionality will be what’s required for an initial v1.0.0 delivery from you … The v1.0.0 delivery will be a fixed price job as this will be your entry into the project. We do not have an established amount prepared to spend and expect to receive a price quote from you. Once we have this completed and settle on an hourly wage, we will convert all additional features to hourly. This will be an ongoing project with plenty of additional requests that are already prepared for once we have a working copy and can confirm that we are indeed on the intended path.

If you are confident you can handle the task, please reach out as we are prepared to start immediately.