Looking ro a package which can fold markdown heading by clicking

I am looking for a package which enable section folding in markdown like what Atom can do for loops in other programming languages. I found this and other packages which can fold sections.However all of them works as it folds all sections once command runs but I can not choose which section to fold. I would like to close only some sections and leave other sections open yet the package closes all header1 or header2 and so on… at once.
For me it is better that folding md sections works in the same way that Atom does for other language.

Unfortunately, Atom does not expose a public interface for providing custom fold regions.

Fortunately, the internal one is quite stable, so I was able to monkey patch it. folding-markdown provides ‘native’ folding support for markdown headings (I believe fold all recursively is broken, but the other kinds of folds should all work).

Wow, your package is all I wanted. I really appreciate it!