Looking for Plugin - Ctrl+Z

  • Press Ctrl+Z
  • Switch to terminal(shell) in current tab.
  • Ctrl+Z again
  • Switch to file

Any genious dev please make one.


Not quite sure what you’re asking for, Can you please describe it a bit more?


Sounds like he wants a quick way to swap to and from terminal, maybe something like atom-terminal


No, I don’t want to open external terminal app. I want to switch between file and terminal fast in ‘current tab’.


Try searching the Atom package list for term. There are a couple of packages that create new tabs that have a terminal inside them. So switching to/from a terminal is as easy as switching tabs.

The Ctrl-Z idea doesn’t make that much sense in a GUI application, I fear.


I have to agree with @kgrossjo in a way. Having an editor and a terminal in the “same tab” essentially means that you’ve got to somehow make a new kind of tab that can hold more than one view and swap between them. Whereas if you allow for a terminal in a different tab … that follows along with the paradigm of one view per tab and makes things easier. I don’t see how having two views in the “same tab” will make swapping between views any faster.


I just tried the package atom-terminal-panel. Quite fascinating. It opens a new panel at the bottom and in there you can enter some commands, but it’s not running bash or zsh. In a sense, it’s got its own shell. I’m not sure what to think.


Thanks. I’ll give a shot.


Actually, Atomatigit does something similar to what @dontdieych is asking for: there is a keybinding to toggle it, and it always shows up in the same spot. The original requester suggested that the new content shows in the same spot where the tab is, but that’s just a special case – if the Atomatigit panel is resized to 100%, then this should be pretty similar.

Of course, the content shown by Atomatigit is completely different.