Looking for Plug-in for Click-able Text Aliases


Does anyone know if there is a plug-in that will allow you to save an alias of your project to a text file. In other words: in code-pen, you can paste a link to your project in a text file, so that you can write notes about what you were trying to do/ what your questions are, etc. Is there something that would allow you to do a similar thing with a set of project files? --> create an alias (in text form) that would allow you to open the project in Atom by clicking on the text in your word file? If one does not exist, does anyone know where you would go to suggest such a thing be developed?


The package hyperclick does a similar thing to what you’re asking for, and path-hyperclick looks like it provides the behavior you want. If not, then it probably wouldn’t be terribly hard to create a provider for hyperclick that recognizes file paths.

Here or the Atom Slack.


Thank you for the info. I don’t have enough experience to make sense of it yet.

Is there a place in Atom where you can copy the entire file path that leads to your current folder?
And is there somewhere that you can paste this file path when you later want to open the folder again?


If you right-click on the folder in the tree view and select New File, a modal dialog will pop up with the full path. As for getting back there, that depends on your operating system’s Open dialog (but I think all of them do support pasting in a full path).

An easier route would be to install a package that lets you save folders (in Atom, the set of top-level folders in the tree view is called a “project”, so the packages that accomplish this make use of that word) and get back there quickly. I like project-viewer myself, because it creates a customizable sidebar where I can add colors and icons to distinguish them from one another.