Looking for package "extend"


I am stuck behind a nasty proxy, so I am forced to install packages by hand.

I installed https://github.com/adrianlee44/atom-aligner

But it screamed over a missing dependency
"dependencies": {
“extend”: “^2.0.0”

And I cannot find a package by that name.

Help ?


That’s because the “dependencies” section in an Atom’s package.json lists Node dependencies, not Atom package dependencies. You can find the extend Node module here:


You should be able to use npm install to install an Atom package’s dependencies automatically.

Have you tried using apm’s proxy settings to get it to work with your proxy?


Thanks for the response.

I did try the proxy settings in several variations - including setting ATOM_ELECTRON_URL and/or ATOM_NODE_URL environment variables
The proxy server is under Someone_Else’s control, so I have no expectation of being able to get it adjusted.

A more detailed set of How-To-Across-Network-Discontinuity information would be real nice.
Starting with: How would a atom-ic-n00b like me know about an NPM package vs an Atom package ?