Looking for jQuery snippets plugin


Hi guys,
I know there are a couple of good jQuery extensions in terms of snippets, though I’m coming from Visual Studio Code where there is a fantastic extension which shows you every possible jQuery snippet just by typing jq

Looking at the picture above, if you hit tab or enter on the highlighted element (jqAttrSetFn) you get this:

    $(selector).attr(attributeName, function (index, attr) {

For more info here is the content of the json file the extension uses to load the snippets. I think it’s just a matter of converting this file but I dont exactly know how.

I was wondering if you were aware of any similar extension, as the ones I found do help but not this much.

Thanks a lot and forgive me for the dumb question, I’m still a beginner!


Atom has autocomplete for snippets built in. All you would need to do is duplicate the snippets into Atom’s format. You can find information on snippets in Atom in the Flight Manual:



Hi leedohm, sorry for posting in the wrong section! Thank you I will look into it, hope I can figure that out.