Looking for info on how Atom package developers negotiate breaking changes with other packages


Hi, I’m looking for some help from developers who write Atom packages. My research group is interested in the different choices new package managers and repositories are making when designing their ecosystems. Atom’s packaging system, along with more general-purpose ones like Node.js/NPM, Rust/Cargo, etc. are making pretty different design choices; they also differ wildly from some ancient package systems like CPAN. We’d like to know what the impact of those design choices are on how you negotiate breaking changes among Atom package developers when the packages depend on each other. We’re also interested in what you think the platform’s design is trying to accomplish.

Could I ask people to take ~20 minutes of your time and fill out our survey at http://breakingapis.org/survey? I’ll report back here when we’ve analyzed the results (or there’s a sign up link to be notified when results are out at http://breakingapis.org).

(If you don’t develop Atom packages, but do use NPM, CPAN, Hackage, or something else, we’re still interested – just make a different “software ecosystem” choice on the first page. The study is a comparison among ecosystems; Atom is one point of comparison).