Looking for formatter and lint packages that agree


I’ve installed packages “jslint” (https://github.com/tcarlsen/atom-jslint) and “standard formatter” (https://github.com/stephenkubovic/atom-standard-formatter). They both work but they don’t agree: I’ll invoke the formatter, then the lint and the lint reports “unexpected space…” etc.

Is it easy to get these to work in agreement, or is there a alternate pair that work in agreement by default, or is there a unified lint/formatter package?

(is this the right place for this question? it seems the “Packages” category is only for package development.)


standard-formatter formats your js according to standard’s rules. In order for jslint to agree with the formatting, you can specify rules in ~/.jslintrc or in /path/to/your/project/.jslintrc. See the .jslintrc example. Alternatively, you could use linter-js-standard instead of linter-jslint.


I installed linter-js-standard and now the linter and formatter are in agreement. Thanks much!