Looking for code bookmark/code navigator package



I’m looking for a package to add code bookmark/code navigation functionality to Atom. I don’ just want bookmark/next/prev navigation, but a more advanced that I give a title and comment. Before Atom I used Brackets which has a “todo/note plugin” (just add /note here begins something/ to the code) and I could toggle a visual list of all notes/todos. It was easy to navigate through huge page of code.

Something that can be accessed by the command bar will be awesome.

Thanks in advance.
P.-S. Sorry for my poor English.


You can use the package todo-show

I think it works like you expect :

Just replace /*note My note*/ by /* @NOTE My note */


Hello Dorian,

Thank you very much for your help and contribution in my quest ^_^. Todo-show is close but not ideal is project oriented (which is best if is a really todo list to be done). If I have a huge list of todos of all my files it won’t be easy to find and trigger the “maker” or “waypoint” I’m looking for.

In the best case I would like a package that parse the file for “//note” and show them in the Atom build-in command bar (cmd+alt+L for example) and when an item is selected go to its position in the file. css-edit-groups package do it, but only for CSS

Have a nice sunday.