Looking for Atom Package developers to work with


I am using Atom for my day job, coding 24/7 to earn my living.
And I love it.
Now, I’m using a lot of packages to make my Atom even better and two of those are especially important to me, but they look like they were abandoned by their developers. Even though they work, kind-of, OK, they still have bugs and some missing important features, for me.

Therefore, I am looking for some coder or coders who would be willing to fork these, upgrade/improve them, under my guidance, and then, push them back into Atom ecosystem as new or improved add-on packages. This work would not be for free, but fully paid. It would be like me hiring you as a developer, to fix a few bugs and build a few improvements, for a month or two, tops. No need for a long-term relationship.

The add-ons in question are:

symbols-tree-view has bugs I would like to see fixed
save-workspace is missing save bookmarks as well functionality

That’s it.
Those are the tasks I need.
And I am willing to pay for the development time.
For real.
For real coder hour prices.

Thank you.