Looking for a new project to help with

Hello guys,

I almost finished my previous project so I was wondering if any of you had cool projects where I could help with.
I have done many thing so checkout my GitHub account if you want to see more:

Thanks in advance,

Looking for a paid gig or looking for a challenge?

How about creating an add-on for Atom?
…and doing this on your own.

Some user requirement can be seen here:

What do you think? Doable?

Else… what do you have in mind:
what is cool enough and which coding language?


That’s a challenge making me a headache :joy: . When I say cool, I was looking for little electronjs / productivity tool or widgets that could help people! I am not the worst designer and programmer so I was wondering if any people had problems I could solve or any ideas they would like to see.

I code many languages : https://therolf.fr/languages/ so that’s not a problem but Java / Electronjs are a plus because there are multiplatform

Did you mean to say Java or was that JavaScript?

How about an assistant for building Electron apps.

I was clearly saying Java because it’s compatible Linux/MacOS/Windows. OOP also so that’s cool.

Don’t this exists already ? I mean, I see tons and tons of tools to build it but do you mean GUI tools to build Electron Apps ?

I am for some reason under the impression that Java Runtime will not be for free for very much longer? Whatsup with that? Would Java still be a good choice? …and why not JavaScript?

So what do you think will be most helpful to people / non-profit organization?

I use it for educational and personal purpose so I don’t really see the problem right now I am not a professional. But it’s fast to develop and deploy so it’s great for prototyping.

What’s cool with JavaScript is that there is tons of modules on npmjs making everything that is some serious time saved. And you what are you up to? Any project recently?