Looking for a git-control package


hello dear all

pretty new to atom - but i really like its options and features.

Now i want ot connect ATOM with GIT: - therefore i need your recommendations.
what is your personal favorite? what makes you working with Git a breeze.

i am a bit more of a casual Git user and don’t have all the commands i need 100% memorized,
so i look for a package for for my start of working with ATOM and GIT

any suggestions and recommendations !?

BTW: here we have an overview on the GIT-tools that work with ATOM

do you suggest those packages and tools that have a reached a big audience - with many many downloads !? Well this would be my approach to choose a tool to start with!?

Look forward to hear from you


well i guess that this package is pretty interesting.

Make sure your gitconfig file is configured. You must configure at least the user.email and user.name variables.
Also, the package currently favors an ssh setup that doesn’t expect to be prompted for credentials in order to push/pull, .etc. Github has a guide to help you set that up here

If you are on a Windows machine, I recommend checking out this thread if you have issues pushing/pulling from a remote repository with this package. I also don’t have the means to do my own user testing in a windows environment so I won’t be immediately able to help troubleshoot windows problems.

Showing the Git-Plus Palette

  • Cmd-Shift-H on MacOS
  • Ctrl-Shift-H on Windows + Linux
  • Git Plus: Menu on the atom command palette.

Push/Pull/Fetch notifications

Notifications will appear in a console output above the status bar. This view can be toggled by clicking the ‘git+’ icon in the bottom right of the status bar.

what do you say… - i really like it


GitKraken. It’s much better than Atom at actually managing a repository, and provides a strong visual interface that encourages you to learn git but without requiring you to memorize commands. Once you have a repo cloned, you need to do nothing to “connect” Atom; just open your new repo in Atom and you can commit, push, and pull from the built-in github package.


hello dear DamnedSholar,

many thanks - and i do need to have / run ATOM - since it is my fav editor.
in other words - Gitkraken interacts and plugs into ATOM?

love to hear from you

Gitkraken looks pretty impressive :wink:


hello dear damnedsholar,

the question is - does gitrkraken integrate in Atom:

gitkraken - Atom

An instance of GitKraken will be spawned for each project by default, but can be configured in the package settings to only ever run a single instance of the …

gitkraken-glo - Atom

GitKraken Glo for Atom. Open GitKraken Glo as a tab in Atom. GitKraken Glo is an issue board for tracking issues and tasks. Glo inside Atom …

GitKraken - Atom

At GitHub, we’re building the text editor we’ve always wanted: hackable to the core, but approachable on the first day without ever touching a config file. We can’t …

Start Glo-ing | GitKraken Documentation - GitKraken Support
https://support.gitkraken.com/glo/start-glo-ing Search for gitkraken-glo and install. Click the Glo link to open Glo in a new Atom tab and log in
using your GitKraken credentials. Atom is now ready to Glo!

Install teamwork tools: Git, GitKraken and Atom code editor

If you are the first in your team, then create the Git repository and share it with the other team members, otherwise just skip to install Git for Windows and install the Git command line tools and Git graphical tool GitKraken. The Atom code editor is a modern text editor with many extensions for Docker file syntax highlighting, PowerSheel shortcuts and much more. After following the steps below, read how to install Docker for Windows.

install gitkraken
Many developers prefer using git command line interface (CLI) tools, but for bigger projects a graphical user interface like GitKraken has many advantages.
Download and install GitKraken and create a GitKraken account in the process.

Install atom editor
For editing code a modern code editor like Atom is a great choice.
Download and install Atom from https://atom.io

toogle git tab in atom editor
Under packages, GitHub there is a menu to Toogle Git tab.

install atom packages
Under the “File”, “Settings” menu, you can choose “Install” to search for new packages that extent the Atom editor, like “language-docker” for Docker syntax highlighting.

Create desktop shortcuts
command prompt shortcut
You can also just create a shortcut on the Windows desktop to:

powershell shortcut
If you prefer using the more advanced sheel and scripting environment PowerSheel, then create a shortcut on the Windows desktop to:

the question is - does gitkraken integrate into ATOM?


You have answered your own question by linking to packages that integrate GitKraken features with Atom.


many thanks - thanks for recommending gitkraken