Long restart/boot time when using large pre-built scripts


Yesterday we moved a lot of our stuff to a mixture between Electron-Compile and Webpack so that we could take full advantage of ES6/7 throughout all of our app, leaving only less, a few jade components that aren’t moved to React yet and some scripts that are better suited through electron (like our devtools loading.)

Upon doing that we noticed that our boot time went from instant to nearly 7 seconds. Is there a way to tell electron-compile to ignore files that we’ve already built in the background? We do not wish to create a webpack server because it’s entirely unnecessary (which is something somebody told us would solve the problem.) And we would also like to keep electron-compile for app.js (our entry script.)


From what I understand, electron-compile already ignores minified files. Is it possible that the files that are pre-built are not minified?

Other than that, could you do a timeline trace?


@leedohm they aren’t compressed because this is in development. If you can point me to the documentation on how to do a pre-boot timeline trace I’d be happy to, I couldn’t find anything on how to profile the actual electron startup.


Just reload the page and you can see the renderer side, the main process side is a little harder.