Long lines after a point will not get syntax highlighting


Long lines after a point will not get syntax highlighting and that is irritating a bit. I know theres a performance issue there, that is why theres a limit but can this be “solved” somehow? Wrapping lines is no solution for this unfortunately.


How long is the line? can you paste me an example.
I will see if i can reproduce . if is a bug you can make a bug report.


This is the line but I did try with a short php line pasting it until it started not to highlight it and got the same result there too.

Hosszúsági fok: <strong>{{ $client_geodata->longitude or '-' }}</strong>, Ország kód: <strong>{{ $client_geodata->countryCode or '-' }}</strong>, Ország: <strong>{{ $client_geodata->countryName or '-' }}</strong>, Megye: <strong>{{ $client_geodata->regionName or '-' }}</strong>, Város: <strong>{{ $client_geodata->cityName or '-' }}</strong>, Irányítószám: <strong>{{ $client_geodata->zipCode or '-' }}</strong>, Időzóna: <strong>{{ $client_geodata->timeZone or '-' }}<br>


Atom has a cap of 100 tokens per line. This is hard coded, but it can be changed if you want to make a custom build.


I would much prefer to have a plugin that lets me modify it honestly.


Why would a package be relevant? If maxTokensPerLine were adjustable, there would just be another config field in the Settings pane.

Anyway, feel free to submit a feature request or pull request on the GitHub repo.


The only way to solve this would be to completely rewrite the grammar system. It is something that we want to do long-term but there are other things that are currently higher priority.

There is already an open Issue here:

Please don’t open a new one.


I wont, thank you for the help, I should wait patiently! :stuck_out_tongue:


Haven’t test yet but you could give a try.


I did try that but it didnt do anything or i didnt understand how it works.