Long file name/ path issue on windows with atom packages


I have made atom portable installation. I have also installed some atom packages but now when I want to shift my portable version of atom to other directory I get error for long file name and long file path. This makes moving or copying of atom folder almost impossible on windows. I even tried to make git repository of my Atom folder but their also I get same issue.
Any suggestion on handling this issue?



Windows has a long-standing 250 character path length limitation. In order to work around this, every single piece of software that Atom depends on would need to be updated to call the special long-path-capable functions. This is a gigantic task that even Microsoft has a hard time finding the resources to tackle.

This is something that we’re tracking and trying different strategies to mitigate the impact of the problem. But it isn’t something that we’re going to be able to eliminate completely. Fortunately, it seems that Microsoft is making some progress on fixing this in more codebases, so hopefully this will someday be a thing of the past.