Logs + notification timeout


I’m having a small issue and i’m wondering if anyone can help me.
Is there a way to change the amount of time a message/notification is displayed when atom encounters a error? As of now it shows an error on opening atom but it only appear one sec not even before it disappear. Can’t even read what the issue is. So it is hard to know what problem there is. Or is there a log file that atom keeps where it shows all these warnings/errors?

Do you see the error when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe? If so, then it is being spawned by a package. Community packages are in charge of their own error reporting and some aren’t the most helpful. You can check the developer tools (the same way you open them in Chrome, or View -> Developer -> Toggle developer tools) to see if a message got left there. Internal Atom errors that I’ve encountered always get reported to the console, but community package errors might not.

It is not really an issue with any package. It is usually when I add a project workdir to atom and then It happens to be deleted after atom was already closed so it gives a startup warning that the folder can not longer be found but the issue is I don’t always know which folder exactly was deleted. And the warning about which folder was removed just pops up less then a millisecond so I can’t read the path to the folder

Why do warning like these only show up for like a millisecond? Why does the notification not last like 3 seconds like most notifications?

It is annoying that atom keeps showing this warning each time i startup atom after a folder happened to be deleted that was added as a project folder

I had never encountered that before, but I do see it happening too and I don’t see it appearing in the dev tools when it does. This is definitely a poor design element in Atom and a GitHub issue would be warranted.

I’m on a Mac with Catalina. If you got o Settings->Packages, and type notifications the first entry is Default Timeout. Default is set to 500, so I added a 0, and now it stays up 10x longer. I’m using notifications 0.71.0 in case it helps.

Double click on the notification error. it works for me.