Login NTLM from WinPE?


Basically, I’m trying to replace an old winform app that was using a web browser control inside of a WinPE environment. I’m loading an intranet site, which requires authenticating as a domain user. I tried using the login API to pass credentials, but I am unable to login. In fact, it looks like it gets stuck in a login loop of the callback does not succeed. Is it possible to login using a domain account for an external site loaded inside of Electron? Posting from mobile right now so I dont have my code handy, but I’m basically trying to use the code found in the login API:

const {app} = require(‘electron’)

app.on(‘login’, (event, webContents, request, authInfo, callback) => {
callback(‘username’, ‘secret’)

Tried many variations for username/password and it never authenticates.