Log displaying downloaded files and file saves not appearing


There’s a window that displays when the activity of files saved and files downloaded in the bottom of Atom. I accidentally closed and I can’t figure out how to reopen it. Does anyone know how to reopen the window I’m talking about? Thank you!


Are you talking about the status bar?


Yes, I think so.


Try going to File -> Settings -> Packages, then scroll down to Core Packages and see if the one titled status-bar is disabled.


It’s enabled and ‘Is Visible’ is checked. I’m thinking what I’m talking about could have something to do with the package remote-sync. When I save a file or download a file via remote sync I can see it in the window I’m talking about.


If a community package is involved, that’s important information. The view you’re talking about probably has nothing to do with the core editor and everything to do with a specific package.

So it started appearing after you installed remote-sync and you closed it, but you’re currently downloading things with remote-sync and it’s not coming back?


I believe that it came with remote-sync, but I’m not 100% certain. I installed remote sync right after installing atom. It


You seem to be missing part of your last reply.


Oops, sorry about that. I was going to say that I am on Atom 1.16.0. Remote sync didn’t work on 1.17 so I had to use the previous version.


When I download remote-sync and look at the settings for that package, I see a setting entitled “Hide log panel after transferring” which does suggest that the package has a log panel built in. However, it has no dropdown menu items and none of the context menu items mention opening a log panel.


Thank you. That pointed me in the right direction. As it turns out ‘Log to console’ in the settings for remote-sync was checked. Removing the check for this field fixed it. Thank you for your help DamnedScholar!