Location for package requests?


Hi everyone!

I was wondering if there was a specific place that should be used for requesting packages, or in my case looking for a request that would be simple to implement for learning purposes.

If there is a place already awesome! If not, maybe make a Package Request area?


I’ve just been using the features category for finding ideas for packages to implement.


That makes sense. I was just thinking it would be helpful to aggregate them somewhere.

I remember from the semi-early days of sublime text 2’s stable release and ST3’s beta release the sublime text form topics that focused on plugins/packages got a lot of traffic. It would be really nice if community members could tag requests… things like this one can’t be done until some atom core feature is added/fixed or this one should be easy for beginners. Anyway, I don’t know if that is possible with Discourse, but that is probably more of a @codinghorror @sam @eviltrout question :wink:


Looks like this kind of thing has been discussed a lot over on discourse meta. And it does not appear to that it will happen anytime soon. I am going to post on that thread to see if there has been any kind of update. I think it would be very useful for this kind of application.