Local server for Atom


Hi Guys,
I am very new to Atom, I am configuring Atom for my needs and my question is,

Is there a local server package for ATOM.


If I’m understanding what you’re asking for, I suspect that this is a duplicate of this topic:


Sorry, that was not I was looking for.

Like for Sublime Text, there is a plugin called Sublime Server which is a Python Server and can be accessed by typing localhost in the browsers. So is there one for atom too.

I found this https://atom.io/packages/local-server but there is not much info about it.


I don’t know that package, but there was a topic/discussion recently on running a node server from Atom, which could be done either by editing your init file or creating a package that does the same thing.
Can’t find it right now though… :worried:


Here you go:

You’ll be interested specifically in this comment by @izuzak.


Thanks @batjko … I was remembering the discussion, but not where I saw it :laughing:


Yea, I thought it was on here at first, searching in vain for minutes.

Another good topic for a quick tutorial, too: “How to run a node.js server via Atom”


Thank you Guys,
Those comments helped.