Local package name clashing with atom.io package with deprecated API


I generated a new package (using the package generator) with the name “wordcount” but when I load it, Atom thinks I’m loading a deprecated package from atom.io/packages called “wordcount”.

I guess that Atom is seeing that my package is called “wordcount” and is trying to load this package which uses deprecated APIs. Does anyone know how to stop Atom trying to load the remote version?

I came across this following the tutorial so I’m not really sure why it isn’t working.

Wordcount tutorial not loaded because of deprecated API (Atom 1.02))

And if you uninstall that deprecated package?


That package wasn’t installed before I generated the package. If I uninstall that package the error goes away, but my package “wordcount” isn’t then working either.

So I don’t have “wordcount” installed. I generate a new package called “wordcount”, and upon reload I see what is in the original screenshot and my “wordcount” package isn’t working.

If I call my package “my-package” instead, then the package works fine, it’s only if it’s called “wordcount” or “word-count” that it doesn’t, presumably because there is a deprecated package on atom.io/package called “wordcount” and “word-count”


At this point, you’ll probably need to name the package something else. Also, there is a pull request for adding similar (but not the same) functionality to the cursor location widget in the status bar here:

You might want to just piggy back on that.


So if I make a package I want to run locally on my Atom editor I have to make sure it doesn’t have the same name as any of the packages on atom.io/packages? This should probably be reflected in the tutorial, as pretty much everyone new to atom and following the tutorial is going to try and call their new package “wordcount” and have it not work.

Also how does what you linked relate to my issue? (sorry, I didn’t understand by reading that pull request)


Not any package, just ones on the deprecated list. I was trying to get you up and running, sorry :smile: I’m in the process of writing Issues regarding the conflict of the deprecated name with the tutorial.

I thought that you were writing a serious package, so if you really wanted a word count package, the functionality could be easily added as part of the proposed change I linked to.

Bugs opened:


Ahh okay thanks! I feel like for a local package that you’re not going to publish you should be able to call it whatever you like, but I’ll just called it “wordcountlocal” or something. Thanks!


I think this is the long-term plan. Now that 1.0.0 is released there is going to be less craziness about removing deprecations. That craziness was in preparation for seeing the 1.0.0 release go smoothly.

Having said that, I would highly recommend against using a name already in the atom.io registry. You may someday want to release it to the world. Actually, when it does anything, no matter how small, feel free to release it. I’ve released several tiny packages, like reversing the direction of slashes, or changing a minute detail in the home key operation.