Local history of file changes


Local history of file changes would be pretty cool, I know we have git for that but so many has it saved me when using IntelliJ and have forgotten to commit or push…


It saved me recently when a rebase had gone totally wrong and code was gone. Sublime has a great plugin for this: https://github.com/vishr/local-history



I search this feature, do you have found a plugin of local history ?


Just want to add here that this comes basically free on OS X if you use the right system calls I guess - it comes free for document-driven native applications in any case. Would be nice to see atom integrate with the OS here a little more.


@BlackWolf I do not think we’re talking about the same thing.

Here it is to save a copy of the files to be able to restore them in case of mishandling (e.g: by error save an empty file, loss a part or full contents of file, …).

Like: https://github.com/vishr/local-history or Eclipse.

Edit: oops I have edited this message by error, sorry mishandling during my answer (like what I need a plugin history lol)


I actually think we do, OS X does exactly that (it’s called “versions”) :slight_smile: Although I agree that the local-history plugin is a lot more advanced (for example allows for diffs), and since Windows/Linux don’t do this there is still a need for this.


@BlackWolf yes, exactly :slight_smile:

I’m on Ubuntu, just like on Windows there is not that natively.


Hello !

This package could be awesome and i don’t find an equivalent

It could be great if we can have a diff since last save too.


I could not do without this feature, so I wrote the package. Published at this time :wink:


Oh great thanks you ! After try I think ergonomy could be improved but a really good start :smiley:


Thanks :slight_smile:

The goal was mainly to have a local history which ensure against stupid accidents. The features like “diff” and “restore” is in “todo”. PR are welcom. :wink:

PS: sorry for my english…



I added the ability to compare revisions (diff / merge) with your favorite tool.

The new command is accessible from the command palette (ctrl-shift-p)


Now we can easily compare and restore!

Note: When I published the new version of local-history with APM, on https://atom.io/packages/local-history, the counters (stars and downloads ) have summers reset to 0. Sorry for this.


+1 Nice, Now I can diff in Kaleidoscope~