Local database corrupted


I have the latest version of ATOM installed on a 2012 MacBook Pro running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. Each time I launch ATOM I get the message “Local database corrupted” and “Please check the content of the local database.” These messages are like, each time I start my car the check engine light comes on and a message says, “Please check the contents of your engine.” I have no idea what the contents of my engine or local database are, and while I think I know where my car’s engine is located, I can’t say the same for the local database. And if I could find the local database, what would I do after I checked its contents?


Have you tried to run Atom in safe mode? In order to single out whether this is an issue from Atom or from one of your packages, you can try to see if the message is gone when Atom runs in safe mode.


Yes, the message is gone when launching ATOM in safe mode as opposed to launching it from the Applications folder.


This probably means a community package is causing the issue.
Without further explanation of the issue, I cannot help. However, a quick search on Google got me this issue:

Are you using the atom-project-viewer package?


Yes I have atom-project-viewer installed, and disabling it eliminated the message. I had done a DuckDuckGo search earlier and found nothing.


Ok, so it’s definitely it. Have you tried the conversion tool mentioned in the issue? I believe the package lost the configurations, that’s why the message.


Yes, I followed the seven steps there and no change. My version of atom-project-viewer is 1.2.5.

People should not post gray text on a black background. My 74 year-old eyes can see only a black blob.

The .atom/storage subdirectory contains the stuff below and not the file I would expect.

application.json editor-7c97e6f10c6c741b73b150ca1deb9c5a518a8ecb
editor-0dc0b3579fa461ad524d7ba8df39067ab0ad1eb1 editor-80e659972bee8ee83101a3ca08fa4c7da9265846
editor-0dc2d38e1eea6cf9f7f4e59c09b2cfde2655f16d editor-8553c9ee641b2922db43ac8bbb63a7544536de2a
editor-2633b528d6c10b7ae062937c450c463dc00bae78 editor-8f4e4cc4ccbf517f52b9ae3f323e7579b5c71aba
editor-282610c1af193ec815b59bc9476363adc37d3e5c editor-90a3855f5c28e4c30e0947c82d856d6564e8095c
editor-342cc6901f167ca59e75224f3a6b7448304cd1ab editor-9465d18347754b5148e75052bdaf10039f21e0c9
editor-361d4ef46cc272c30d32566f3b9efb9c14602ea1 editor-999b685eaf085e50562f1328586ba52ff512b4f5
editor-3721a4bd4c71c55ae3fddde919389c584b6b974e editor-9a764ea0192b5ff1f84f4d4d49c3e49406f6ee1c
editor-3b2b5dd451eb6ecc6807cf89778e5f4a375bd54a editor-9ae5a0a6c46697cc8b3c196d2294b53a6be7988d
editor-3b308069b00239bdb8735e5add67a60bfa5bfb7e editor-a03c3549b42c838574ae80ae54607376b4d26d16
editor-42a7ca50b587f5ce7b37d83ea6b903e79db6ca9e editor-a0e6a596d26c6f8d05c09100b38c90693e434943
editor-43bb2cc7db9a194d982bb645e0e6854e03724931 editor-a1a80ad8afbbd94f2cfdf48045af6c5ebd59bc3f
editor-44a4398ef5498fa3b0a2d8c47703b9671e6366fd editor-acc81d3ecfa0a3073f6e0132791516b901f612a9
editor-4e802793940b38354f441cee410b7a1bc8875a00 editor-b7c40e08ef3f65c575a99aae6624a9642b25e9fd
editor-56f4c70fb50b2ca476f491b8d55ccdbf27042aaa editor-b8c07093232f147fbcd8442bd9dbc95d5cfe1d9b
editor-5a120b421e5c7335f6155dd9a363110603ae86e9 editor-bbb83c13ba5ae0ea7effbe3b1443974f2010049f
editor-63e6808b66634be9428289cd350686d1076abf25 editor-bc3c8b9efe0d867a3fdc31974e8663d0ba700ebe
editor-64ab36e6bc4170c5ce5bdf400dfba3664ca5a888 editor-c1a35a650ba8d21cb06dcd30b60dcc1c1a5bb575
editor-6bfc4f4760234bfc1c72d7f4abc773088950d22a editor-c5eefb678d605abfe402e616347cf1b834c1f939
editor-6d73d3e97a433426de558c3a7656a8c614d729f1 editor-c8a1b3860e5ece469c4579f062e1c8f9f7917154
editor-72a25c5ea2aa1d795163ecd1f65cc5d018fe1ab6 editor-d1972b04e2fc6d7684184f72f381bca8f4874485
editor-74f0581d4fedd64fb64c50fc24139a3fa1fd7003 editor-d8989c0dd902d20811be93a249c18366ab58c9b1
editor-790c8f05e5b8176f655b5d5d87e1c13f67ac6753 editor-e75bcd23e0dc42ead0dafabe58e191cc457f7cc1
editor-7a9c3da7112c8261f72c4004120b478b8387a2fb editor-f6855dd48db06e741488d5257058d0d3d99090ff


Sorry about that! :smile:

About the failing package, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here.
Do you have saved configurations for the package in your config.cson file? If so, would it be a disaster to uninstall the package and install it again?


Thanks. I had already uninstalled and reinstalled the package, and there were no changes. The config.cson file contains

autoHide: true
customWidth: 4