LoadURL App-V issue



we are currently working on an electron based desktop software for windows with Electron 2.0.3. It consists of one visible browser window running the application itself and a hidden browser window handling business logic.

It is running nicely in all testet environments with one exception. We have an App-V based infrastructure running that enables other teams to start our software without having to install or manually copy it. Within this App-V environment, loading the application takes up to 15 minutes with browserWindow.loadUrl(file://${__dirname}/index.html') taking about four minutes for each window we spawn.

We already tried some things like using loadFile() and have the feeling that it might be some issue within the App-V infrastructure but have no idea how to pinpoint it. Someone ever seen something similar? Or any idea why it could take that long in an App-V environment? Any help or hint would be highly appreciated as we run out of ideas.