Loading Pictures from File in HTML on Mac

in this code my picture abarth - as logo is not opening - I put picture plain on desktop, I even had it in file and put link to that file but picture does not open as logo:
<!doctype html>

**Loading Logo...**

Can you try this workflow …

apm install php-server

In Atom Tree View (left panel) select your index.html file

Right click on index.html and scroll menu to select from menu “PHP Server here”

You will see a panel … with this text at top … possibly also reporting access errors to correct …

PHP Server: http://localhost:8000
Listening on http://localhost:8000

Highlight all the report and copy to clipboard by Ctrl+Ins

Copy this report to this forum.

You can also try viewing URL http://localhost:8000 in your browser.

We might then have more information to work on.

why , this look like some simple solution…though

total novice so what do i get from this PHP server

Why? … because you do not supply enough information to troubleshoot. A common problem though with newcomers. PHP server gives error reports even though you do not need PHP.

when I right click on my index.html I dont have php server here

Do you see it installed if you run in terminal

apm list | grep php-server

do i need to type exactly that in terminal?

Yes … this is what I see …
~$ apm list | grep php-server
├── php-server@0.8.0

You might have to run cmd Window:Reload (I don’t remember if this is needed after package install).

If you type apm list you see all your packages but we are only interested in php-server.

nothing happens. Do you want me just to copy entire my html file here?

No. I would rather explain how to troubleshoot. A fishing rod rather than the fish.

sorry can’t do
here none of this pic does not show up
<!doctype html>

Loading Logo...
<div id="social-holder">
  </a href="#">
<img alt="Facebook"
<img alt="Twitter"
  <img alt="LinkedIn"
  <img alt="Instagram"

and its beginners coding in html on mac

If you had php-server installed it would advise that you cannot connect to your files … you need to research HTML paths. If you replace Assets1 with an absolute or relative path it should work.


Thank you I think I found problem - I had two index.html file confusing text editor in where to look for image , plus my downloaded images might not all be good