Loading Atom v1.53.0 on Windows 10

Hello everyone. It’s my first try to load Atom.IO v1.53.0 on my Windows 10 PC. I can download a file from the website. Downloaded documents show AtomSetup-x64.exe I created a Shortcut for this and put it on my desktop. When I click the Shortcut, after a few minutes a small black screen appears followed by a notice saying that Atom is loading with a graphic of a rocket ship being loaded with supplies. Eventually (after about 10 minutes in total), I get the Welcome - Atom screen and all appears to be working normally. However, if I close the program then the next time I click on the icon on my desktop, I have to wait for about 10 minutes for the program to again load up. Am I missing somehow to keep the loaded program on my PC. There’s no instruction saying like ‘Install now …’ or similar. Thank you