Loading a whole Angular project into the new Window - Good practice?



when my app opens up a new window I load all my scripts into the body-tag of that window. These scripts are actually all the same as in the main window. Although I got that working for me I struggle with the problem, that I don’t have a application root path available thus making every path relative, so the path might work fpr the main window, it does not work for the child window.

However is that a good practice loading all that into the new window? As another forum post suggests I should probably set up a server inside my app to handle that issue? Does someone work with Angular here? How would you solve it? Or maybe I should create another App (some sort of “Sub-App”) for that specific Window feature?


I don’t use Angular so excuse my ignorance. Could you have your different windows as separate HTML files in the same folder and then all the CSS/JS assets as subfolders? The HTML files can share the same assets with the same relative paths. Does that make a mess of Angular’s file structure?

I use a combination of the above as well as creating mini “sub-apps” when necessary or desirable.