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Hi, I’m Brazilian. I am new using the Atom. I use to develop my codes at home, at work and at university too.

I did some research and I have not found answers. I wonder if the Atom has some ‘package’ or functionality that enable save my settings, packages, themes, snippets as user. So I could install the editor, entering the username and password, the Atom download all the settings saved on my user.

If already have this possibility, I would like your help. If not, I leave as an implementation idea for those who can do.

ps.: Sorry for translation (google).

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In short, Atom doesn’t have this feature. It is something that is often requested though:

This is a duplicate of the above topic. Please continue the discussion there if you have any further questions :grinning: I’ll be closing this topic as duplicate.



Thanks! :slightly_smiling:


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