Load packages based on type of application


Is it possible to create recipes of packages based on the nature of use. For example, when using Atom as a text editor, I would like only those packages enabled that deal with writing/grammar. Whereas, while in a LaTeX editing environment, I would all the LaTeX packages enabled.



It is not currently possible.


Maybe this could be an enhancement to project-manager


looks like this is already a feature project-manager/#265


Thanks UziTech for pointing me to that package. It is very unclear what that package is about. How do I create the systems.


Take a look at this comment

project-manager is a package that provides a way to specify different projects(folders of source code) and allows you to specify different settings for each project.

the setting that you would want to change is:

        disabledPackages: [ "codeigniter", "activate-power-mode" ]