Load only selected plugins


Is there a way to load Atom only with a set selected plugins? Similarly to the atom --safe, but instead of the built-in plugins, load some specified set which is wider than the default (or completely different if it’s possible).


  • When using atom as an editor for git commit messages, loading it with --safe is significantly faster than without it, but there are two issues without it:
    • There are some plugins I’d like to exclude. For example, since v1.18 github plugin (which I generally like) is built-in and it’s loaded even with --safe, which is useless for writing commit messages.
    • There are some essential plugins that I’d like to include, like vim-mode(-plus). There could be also some git-specific packages that are useful in such situation.
  • A more general usage is to load heavy language-specific plugins only when you open certain projects. For example, I’d like to define a set of plugins that I want to use for Scala projects, such as atom-sbt or atom-ensime which add quite some loading time, but avoid it for other types of projects.

So my question is: is there anything like this already implemented or if not, is it possible to implement?


I don’t think there’s any functionality like that in Atom right now, it sounds like you’re kinda describing this feature request?


There’s mention of this package in the issue:

But it seems more about quick switching of packages rather than starting Atom with a specific set of packages.