"ll" in language-text (? or maybe "GitHub Markdown") inserts copyright notice when I type "I'll"


Somebody somewhere seems to have decided that “ll” is a good key sequence to attach the copyright-notice macro to. If I’m typing fast and not paying attention to the auto-completion popups, I get occurrences of “I’ll” and “we’ll” turned in to copyright notices.

I’Copyright © 2015 Copyright Holder All Rights Reserved.

(1) Bad Idea.
(2) How the heck do I turn that off? I see “snippets” in the config for language-text, but nothing happens when I click on the “legal” snippet.


The legal snippet only exists in the language-text package. And unless you’ve done something to change how autocomplete works, you have to type Tab or Enter to expand a snippet. How often are you typing “I’ll” or “we’ll” and then pressing Tab or Enter?