Live View?


Hi, I am getting back into coding. I normally just wrote it out in Notepad but I did use Dreamweaver a bit and liked that there was a preview. I did a search on this forum and found: Does Atom have a feature like Dreamweaver's Live View?

I don’t know what “browser-plus” is. Can someone help me so that I can get a preview of my code?


browser-plus is a package that creates a browser inside Atom and can be used to view HTML files on your computer (just like any browser can).


There is also which seems to be more actively maintained


Thank you… but now it won’t open up at all. I was using it last night and went to open Atom up today and I got this error.


What happens if you try running it from the command line with atom --safe?


I restarted my laptop and still didn’t work so I just installed it again and it worked. Is this a one off, or something that typically happens?

Also, thank you, I downloaded the browser plus. Looks like exactly what I was needing. Many thanks all.


Probably a one-off, but it’s hard to say without completely walking through the issue. If you see it again, take careful note of everything you just did and we can help you figure out what it means.